Welcome to FashionCaked!

You can have your cake and eat it, too


Cakes are special, the epitome of celebration! The simple ingredients of water, flour, eggs, and sugar come together to create the most sweetest of confections. Just like an outfit, when baking a cake we layer the basics, add some embellishments on top and display a visual masterpiece. Even with different flavors and toppings, it does not matter which way you slice it, cake is classic.

FashionCaked is a blog for those who will get dessert after their meal at a restaurant or buy the shoes even though they might have a similar (but also totally different at the same time) pair at home. FashionCaked is sweet to the last bite and mixed with passion, love, and lots of sugar.

Without further a do, I would like to welcome you the the world of FashionCaked where no slice is too big and every shoe fits. Read a post or two, let me know your thoughts, and enjoy! Let this blog be the end to your busy day, a quick read on your way to work, or the icing on the cake!





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