How to Sell Clothes Online

Are you broke? Do you own clothing that you will never wear again? Does making money in an easy, fun way entice you? Well, if you answered yes to all of these questions, then you have come to the right place! Welcome to the world of online shopping.

We are happy to have you.

The site I use is Vinted. I have been a member of this site for about three years now and in my opinion, it is one of the best. User friendly guides, a great community, and supportive staff all play a role into my consistent use of this site to sell my clothing. I have bought and sold from Vinted, with a total earned profit of about $900. Surprised?! Well, wipe that jealous look of disbelief from your face, because with these simple tips you can be making the big bucks too.

Be Consistent
Choose a theme. I chose to sell primarily vintage clothing and always took my pictures outside, with flowers incorporated in some way. I created a name for my “closet” and made a logo to match.

Flatlays are very trendy right now and catch people’s attention. Use them to show what looks best with an article of clothing or show multiple items up for sale. Create a “New Years Flatlay” or a “Day at the Beach Flatlay”, whatever you think will show the potential of your clothing.

Buy a Mannequin
This might not be possible, but if you plan on selling a lot then a mannequin is a great investment. Customers like to see how the clothing fits on the human form. If this is not an option, then modeling the garment can work as well.

High Quality Photos
If possible, use a nice camera with a high resolution to take your photos so that they come out clear and the colors are true to the fabric. I took my photos outside during the day, because natural lighting worked well.

Detailed Descriptions
Be as detailed with descriptions as you possibly can. Write down where the clothing is from, the size, color etc. Make sure to take accurate measurements and always mention any flaws. Show the back and front of the item and post pictures of stains, holes, or frays if there are any.

Post Often
I sold my clothing during the Summer and tried to post every other day. Customers appreciate when the user is active and their closet rotates.

Create Deals
Vinted lets the seller decide if they want to bundle items (ex. buy three items, get 15% off). You can also have flash sales to increase awareness of your items and the ability to show how much the garment originally cost. It really is like your own, mini shop.

Price fairly, but on the higher end. This way you will have room to lower the price of your item every few weeks if it doesn’t sell and still be in the range of making a profit.

Sell the F*** out of your Closet
Make a brand, post on your social media accounts, be active on the Vinted forums, and promote yourself. You have essentially just made your own business so run with it! Also, make sure to answer any and every comment/question that comes your way.

Take Care in Packaging
Make sure that the item looks nice before sending to the the buyer. Wash it, put it in tissue paper, wrap it with a bow, maybe even add a thank you card with your logo and send it off!

Do not get Discouraged
Do not get discouraged if your items fail to sell in just a few weeks. Keep a strong presence, build a follower base, focus on positive reviews and in time you will be giving Warren Buffett a run for his money.

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