The Essence of Routine

Wash. rinse. repeat.

Routines are everywhere, even on the back of your shampoo bottle. For people like me that need structure, organization, and order in their lives, routines are natural systems put in place to make sure that we are still sane by the time Friday comes. ahhhhhhh tea. chocolate. fluffy socks. 

I have my skincare routine, my makeup routine, my shower routine, my bedtime routine, and even my oh-shit-i-cut-myself-shaving (again) routine. These step by step patterns are put on repeat mode so that we feel as though we have some sort of control in this crazy, unpredictable, unstable, risky thing we call life. With all of the unknowns placed in front of us it is comforting to crawl deep within the rhythm of spray. brush. fluff. and know that you have the power to intervene with the routine at your own pace.

In an attempt to not turn into a motivational speaker on brushing one’s hair, I must pose the question: When does a routine turn into a rut? I seem to be asking myself this question a lot lately as the monotonous cycle of school and work permeate every corner of my mind, bedroom, and agenda.

It is only when we stop for a moment to soak in our environments that we might change something small in one of our routines. For instance, just the other day I came across a candle that smelled just like the ocean. But more importantly, it smelled like the salty Hampton’s air where I use to stay in the summers as a child. It smelled like my grandpa fishing off the shore line, the fire burning from the grille, sand between my toes, my sister laughing from across the dunes. It smelled like a memory. Thus, I bought the candle and have since incorporated it into my bedtime routine. Brush teeth. Light candle. Pinterest.

I encourage you to create routines and find solace in their patterns. However, I also encourage you to tweak them every once in a while. A routine has movement and a rut does not. Pat instead of fluff, try ice cream instead of chocolate, whatever it is make sure that the essence of your routine is always evolving, just like you are.




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