Autumn Uniform

Uniforms: A death sentence to any pre-pubescent middle schooler forced to attend private school.


We cringe at the sound of the word and cower in fear at the prospect of being forced to look just like everyone else and wear the same outfit everyday. There is no question that the concept of wearing a uniform has a negative stigma. However, what if it is a uniform that we have created for ourselves? A sort of visual mantra that defines a “look” and becomes your identifier?

Upon looking through my closet the other day, I realized that I most definitely have a uniform: full proof and essential for Autumn’s unpredictable, in-between weather. A black and white striped tee, maroon sweater, faded denim jacket and black bottoms seem to sum up my “ugh I don’t know what to wear today” ensemble. This go-to-look has been in my fashion arsenal for years. There is a certain serenity in knowing that you have different variations of a fall-back outfit to throw on in a hurry. 

A NewEnglander at heart, this look provides warmth and layering options for the erratic climate as well as puts me in touch with the historical perspective of my home; Thick cotton pullovers, work-wear denim and nautical stripes sum up the industrial-era style and practical uniforms of New England’s past. 

My favorite attire is especially me, and that is why I keep reverting back to it time and time again. So, there you have it; uniforms are not always a bad thing and if you think about it enough, aren’t all trends just uniforms in disguise anyway?


My Uniform:


Multiple Ways:


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