DIY: Oh-Shit Kit

The Oh-Shit Kit. Something you know you need, but probably don’t have. 


An Oh-Shit-Kit is a bag that contains items you will need in a crisis and I’m not talking about tsunamis and hurricanes. I am talking about those everyday crisis where you slap yourself, because you forgot to put on deodorant or don’t have a tampon and you really (really) need one. Oh shit. I know you know what I’m talking about. Rather than screaming to the next stall over to ask for an emergency sanitary product or go the whole day smelling like you just ran the Boston Marathon, an Oh-Shit Kit prevents these unfortunate instances from happening.


In my Oh-Shit Kit: 

Tissues: In case of crying, bleeding, or colds

Deodorant: In case you get sweaty throughout the day

Advil: Headaches, cramps, soreness 

Chapstick: Flakey lips

Floss: Takes out the spinach you ate at lunch

Tums: All acid reflux related issues (Note to self: Skip the tomato sauce)

Emory Board: “I broke a nail!”

Wipes: Dirty hands, dirty shoes

Tide-to-go: Noticeable stains

Pads, panty liners: Unexpected periods




Other Ideas:

Coverup: For those nasty pimples

Dry shampoo: Greasy hair

Sunscreen: Protect your skin!

Hair elastics: Literally always come in handy 




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