OOTD: Where the Wild Things Are

“And the walls became the world all around.” ~ Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are


This Sunday morning I decided to venture out into the unknown, on my own. The “unknown” being various areas in my college town and the “on my own” being with my camera. I had a few goals in mind: complete my landscape photo project for class, breath in some fresh, October air, and remove myself from my weekend coma. 

For this great expedition I heard my mother’s advice ringing in my ears and chose to wear comfortable, warm clothing and practical sneakers. Although these adjectives don’t exactly elicit the thought of a stylish ensemble, I did my best to look sleek and casual. As I set out on my big adventure for the day, I could not help but feel like Max from Where the Wild Things Are in my oversized, white blanket coat. All I was missing was the golden crown. 

As I journeyed through the trees and roads of upstate New York, I became very calm and my heart felt happy. Exploring alone is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, even if it is just in your own backyard. Get out of bed, down the stairs, out the door and see what the world has waiting for you. 


Jacket//Forever 21//Bought at Platos Closet//$25

Leggings//American Apparel//Bought at Platos Closet//$10

Turtle Neck//Zara//Bought at Platos Closet//$10

Stan Smith Adidas//Bought on Vinted//$30

Backpack//Easy Spirit vintage//Bought at the Salvation Army//$8



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