OOTD: A Casual Affair

I was always confused by those girls in high school who wore heels to school. They also curled their hair every morning and made sure to spray just enough perfume so that you could not help but notice they were walking by.


Did someone forget to tell these girls that school was a casual affair? Just wait a few months, prom is just around the corner. There are times to be fancy and don your pearls and glitter, but class just isn’t one of them. So, take off the mink shawl, rub the sparkles from your cheeks and learn the art of casual; harness the concept of looking natural and making the world see the real you


There is a common misconception that dressing casual means dressing frumpy. It is not okay to wear your bunny slippers and silk polka dotted pajama pants out on the town. The art of casual is defined by taking the best attributes of yourself and translating them into your visual appearance. Make sure that your outfit represents who you are by showing personality but not enough to mask your beautiful smile and bright eyes. Neutral colors with minimalistic embellishments can go a long way.



Sweater//SayWhat//Bought at Platos Closet//$2.00

Jeans//GAP//Bought at Platos Closet//$10


Black Booties//Nine West//Marshalls//$50

Belt//Bought at the Salvation Army//$4




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