DIY: Patch Attack

Patches are not just for scouts anymore. These embroidered badges are sweeping the nation as one of this years biggest DIY trends. 


Last year I had a backpack patterned with different types of donuts. Unfortunately, I ripped a very large hole on the top of the zipper and the bag was beyond the point of mending (RIP donut backpack). For my last school year I wanted to make sure that the backpack I had to wear everyday was stylish and told people something about who I was; my identifier. After a lot of thinking I came across the idea of patches to replace the donuts and now I have become patch crazy!

You can put patches on anything: your backpack, jeans, t-shirts, jackets etc. There are so many different kinds and combinations that every patch-a-fide object you create will be uniquely you. I started putting them on my backpack and am still in the process of finding more that I love. They are super cheap (I suggest AmazonAsos, or Strange-Ways) and very easy to apply.

The patches I buy are iron-ons and only take a few minutes to secure. You place the patch where you want it, cover with a cotton cloth, iron for two minutes, repeat on the other side and your done! I would recommend sewing around the patch as well to make sure that it is really on there for the long haul, but the ironing method works well too.

So, as it turns out, the Girl Scout Troupe I quit in the fifth grade actually had something going for them besides those amazing cookies. My biggest regret is not keeping the three patches that I did receive that year. At least these patches don’t have to be earned!

Peace. Love. Patches




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