(Pedi)CURE for stress

Did last week just eat you up and spit you out? 

Well, I feel the same way. If you failed a test, was screamed at by your boss, had a fight with your boyfriend, or couldn’t shake that Fall-time cold, then you need a pediCURE (with an emphasis on “cure”). By the time the weekend comes your poor feet have been through the mill, wearing too-tight shoes, walking through the bitter cold, and standing for hours at a time. The week is never nice to our toes and they need some TLC just like the rest of us.

This weekend called for a foot make-over. It was time to take off the polish that had been on my toes since the release of Suicide Squad, tame my cuticles and switch my nails to a Fall palette in case anyone was paying attention. I pressed the play button on my computer to watch a movie and set to work. Follow the steps below and soon your feet will look just as good as Dior’s number one foot model.


  1. Take off the old nail polish


2. Wash your feet with hot water (soak them or take a shower)

3. Tame your cuticles with cream, oil, and special tools


4. Lather your feet with lotion and wear socks for 30 min. (This will super-moisterize your feet)


5. Trim toenails


6. File and buff


7. Paint nails


8. Top coat and dry



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