Velvet Crush Dreams

Saturday night fever has kicked in. 

Velvet is a trend that has stepped right out of the 70s and into the present, and for a good reason. These jewel toned garments add a touch of sparkle and intrigue to any outfit and fit right in with the Autumn palette and cold weather. Perfect for a night out or under a cozy sweater at work, I have found myself hoarding these velvet masterpieces and wearing them every chance I can get.

Velvet clothing is super easy to find at the thrift store. There is plenty left over from its peak in the 70s and again in the 90s. This lush textile’s origin dates back to the 14th century in the Far East and because of the high cost of production, velvet is often associated with nobility and royalty. Therefore, throwing on this decadent fabric in the morning before class or work should give you the confidence to raise your head high and embrace your beauty.

With the appearance of liquified magic and the feeling of being hugged by clouds, it is no wonder everyone and their mother are flocking to the “new” velvet trend. Every time I pull one of these velvet tops over my head I become transformed into a disco diva, the Queen of Morocco, or Frank Sinatra’s cocktail party date. The word special doesn’t even begin to cut it. To take myself out of the past velvet decades, I usually wear these flashy shirts with a pair of boyfriend jeans and boots. They can all be styled in very similar ways.


Below are some of my looks:




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