DIY: Sleeping Among the Stars

Whenever I am tired or stressed if I look up at the night sky to see the moon and stars, I am reminded that life is a miracle and my problems are minimal.  


My heart will stop beating fast, the voices in my mind will become speechless and an embarrassingly large sigh will escape from my lips. The winking sparks and shining crescent staring down at my minuscule self send my heart in a tumble of joy, mystery, and awe. With a view this powerful right above our heads every single night, I wonder why myself and so many others simply forget to just look up. In an effort to remind myself of this accessible beauty, I wanted to somehow incorporate this dreamscape into my everyday scene. 

This moon and star garland is super easy to make and has added an aspect of serenity to my bedroom space. Follow the instructions below and soon your room will fall under the spell of the night sky.


  • Sparkle and/or black paper
  • String
  • Scissors 
  • Tape
  • Exacto Knife
  • Thumb tacks




  1. Cut out the shapes of the moon and stars on the paper with the exact knife (I made a stencil first which  might be easier)




2. Cut one long piece of string the length you want the garland to be


3. Cut multiple smaller pieces of string, all different sizes


4. Tape one small piece of string to each previously cut shape




5. Tie the other end of the string to the garland (looks best with various heights)




6. Hang up the garland by tying each end to a tack on the wall


7. Arrange the strings how you wish



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