OOTD: Slip-ons

There is a new type of “slip-on” sweeping the fashion industry and this time it has nothing to do with sandals. 


Remember those long, silky dresses and skirts hiding in the back of your mother’s closet? She told you not to touch them with your greasy, eight-year-old fingers and you always saw her wear them under her work attire. Well, now these undergarments are leaving their behind the back-of-the-closet-days and receiving a much deserved turn in the spotlight. Also known as “slips”, these newly reclaimed over-garments are being shown everywhere on the streets of New York City: lacy tanks tucked into highrise denim cutoffs, a simple slip dress over a tight black turtle neck, or a silky skirt paired with a graphic tee. Slips give each outfit a certain feminine touch and add an element of elegance and surprise to an otherwise monotone ensemble. 

It amazes me how intricate and beautifully made a piece of clothing meant to be worn underneath an outfit or to bed can be. Slips are the perfect layering piece for Fall and they are easily accessible to everyone. The pajama section at a thrift store tends to be overlooked by the majority of shoppers, however almost every time I go to the Salvation Army I have found some of the most beautiful and colorful slip dresses and tanks. Although this trend is now shown in stores such as Zara, Asos, and H&M, I would suggest combing through the racks of your nearby secondhand shop before buying this item new. 

Slips are comfortable, versatile and here to stay. They are one of this years easiest and most interesting trends. To anyone who says otherwise, just give ’em the slip.





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