Worth the $$$

In my opinion, very few things are worth the money 


So, when you find a product that is, [worth the money] you should tell everyone you know! There are a few items that I deem to be non-negotiables when it comes to spending a decent amount of money, because cheaper and better options do not exist. I have come to realize (the hard way) over the past few years that cheaper is unfortunately not better and sometimes you have to pick quality over price. This, of course, depends a lot on what you value throughout your daily routine. For me, there are just a few pricy objects that make my day go significantly more smoothly and if I have to dish out the mullah for these special articles, then I will.

I have chosen the top three items that I deem to be “worth the money” in the categories of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle as seen below. It is true that I have had to save my money each month to obtain some of these products, but I feel as though it is important to work for the things you want. If you have earned it yourself, then each spray of that expensive perfume will smell all that much sweeter. 



A signature scent
For a fragrance you wear everyday, it is okay to buy something a bit pricy. Trust me, people will remember the way you smelled (for better or for worse). I use Lollia No.19 Breath.

Makeup setting spray
If you are like me and wear makeup almost everyday, then you want your makeup setting spray to last all day through those sweaty jogs or rainy walks. I have found that the de-slick Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay is full-proof and even got me through my sisters wedding in 90 degree heat.

If you believe that eyes are the window to the soul, then you will definitely want to purchase the Naked palette by Urban Decay. There are three palettes to choose from depending on your eye color and makeup preferences. I have had this one for over two years and counting.





The Nubra
This is one of the best bras I have ever bought. Also known as “sticky boobs”, the Nubra is backless and works with virtually any dress. I wear it almost every day and it never loses its stick. This is my second one, however I was a proud owner of my last Nubra for almost four years. I prefer the tan color so that I wear it with white shirts as well as all others colors.

This goes without saying, but owning a comfortable, durable pair of boots is a must, especially for someone like me who attends school in upstate New York. With snowfalls right around the corner, it is certainly worth the money to buy shoes that will keep your feet dry and warm.

Leather purse
I have a few purses, such as this Kate Spade wristlet pictured here. It is important to buy a purse that is real leather, because it will last significantly longer than any other fabric. We tend to put our purses through hell, leaving them in peculiar places and shuffling through them at  least twice a day to find a lost mint. Do yourself a favor and buy a nice one that will last a number of years. 





Magazine Subscription
There is something about getting mail that never fails to make me smile. Having a magazine subscription not only allows for me to get mail every month, but also gives me a reason to relax, read, and be inspired. There are so many magazines to choose from and I think that it is very important to support print work. I love how reading magazines takes me away from my screen and gives me a tangible object to hold. They also come in handy for collaging purposes. Cosmopolitan is not the most educational of magazines, but it is fun and I like to indulge every now and then.

X Steam
I came across the X steam at a kiosk in the mall this past summer. I know what you all are thinking, but really this product is great. All you have to do is fill the steamer with salt and water and it will steam out the wrinkles in your clothes better than any other product I have seen. It comes with a lifetime warranty, in multiple colors, and will never burn your skin.

Fish eye phone lens
Just clip this lens onto the side of your phone and your photos will become the talk of the town. I love taking pictures on my iPhone and this item is another fun element to add to my photo shoots with friends. They sell these lenses on Amazon.com for under $20.00; totally worth the purchase!





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