DIY: Self Care Day

Everyone needs to take a mental health day once in a while. ~Ancient Proverb



This statement may not actually be a real ancient proverb, however it definitely should be. Sometimes the stress and tension at work or school gets to be too much and you are so burnt out that even the toaster is impressed. All puns aside, mental health days are necessary when your mind becomes foggy, that lingering cold is still lingering, absolutely no progress is being made on your project and you just remembered that you haven’t showered in three days. If you have decided in the past week that your black legging PJ pants can pass at work, muffins count as breakfast four days in a row, and/or Asprin Extra Strength Migraine relief is not working to help your migraine go away then a mental health day is in order. Call in sick, turn off your alarm, and follow the advice below to make the most of your day off. 



Pamper yourself

Haven’t taken a bath since last year? Now is the time to indulge. Fill the tub with water, add a bath bomb, take out that silk robe hiding in the back of your closet and watch all of your troubles melt away.
Pro Tip: Play music, light a candle, and skim through a magazine




Eat Well

Today is not the day for takeout. Make yourself a nice, filling breakfast. Try to eat and savor three healthy, delicious  meals today. You will feel better with your body getting the nutrients it needs and hopefully that headache will finally go away. Make sure that your three meals are evenly spread out and at normal times so that your schedule is not thrown off. 




Read, Write, and Play

Read a magazine, book, or newspaper. This will take your mind off of all your ailments. Write in that journal you got as a gift five years ago during Secret Snowflake. Test your mind by doing a crossword puzzle or Sudoku. These activities can be very relaxing and in our society tend to be a rarity. The most important thing is to not be in front of a screen. Take your mind away from social media and work. As my mother used to say, “give your eyes a rest”. 




Wear comfy clothes

I hope that this goes without saying, but make sure to be comfortable on your day off! Don your coziest sweater and thick long socks. Wrap yourself in a Snuggie or afghan for warmth. Treasure the day where you do not have to dress business casual or impress your peers. 




Find Peace

This day is for you, and you only. Make sure to be alone with your own thoughts and really focus on relaxation. It can be hard to get out of your own head sometimes. Lighting a candle, listening to music, applying soothing lotion, having a drink, or focusing on a small task such as painting your nails, can help to ease your mind into finding peace. 



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