DIY: Off the Wall

Looking to spice up your space in a cheap and super easy way?



Well, look no further than right here because I have recently discovered a cost effective and creative way to make your bedroom walls blow your friend’s minds and not all of the money in your wallet. 

Washi tape, in my opinion, is one of the best crafting inventions of the 21st century. This tape comes in multiple colors, patterns, and sizes. It is easily removable and does not leave any unwanted residue behind on your walls. The design possibilities with these simple strips of magic are endless. Create a wolf design on your dorm room wall, (without pissing off res-life at the end of the year) add a few simple lines next to the couch in your living room to add some color and dimension to the otherwise neutral setting, or make a geometric design on the basement door to add some bright sparkle to a dull corner of the house. With washi tape the potential is infinite. I made a paper crane and mountain scene in my tiny bedroom. I love how these handmade decals transform the space into a more welcoming and unique environment. 

The washi tape I bought was only $1.96 (with free shipping) and it came with 10 different spools of color. Check out Amazon for other types of washi tape to enhance your room decor!




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