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Instagram is for lovers.



…and artists, bloggers, comedians, foodies, illustrators, photographers, mothers and creative souls alike. Instagram is a home for the visual senses to become inspired. It is a thriving community of passionate individuals ready to show the world their unique perspective and share snippets of life through an interesting lens. As you can probably tell, Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms and I try to follow as many fascinating and different accounts as I can. Below I have listed the top ten finest Instagram accounts that I follow. These are the people who make me laugh, give me inspiration, or make me think periodically throughout the day. I encourage you to explore their accounts and relish in the craft of sharing art in the virtual realm.


Comment below some of your favorite Instagram accounts and give me some suggestions of who else to follow! Also, look out for the upcoming post: The Best Fashion Bloggers to Follow.



@bymariandrew: This account has given me many laughs over the past few months. This artist’s ability to capture the emotions of a generation in the culture we live in, with only one or two carefully drawn cartoons, is exceptional. Give her page a little scroll and catch yourself smiling over and over again.




@symmetrybreakfast: Different from other food accounts, symmetrybreakfast will have you drooling before your 9am class. Each morning I wake up to a mouth watering, colorful breakfast made for two on my newsfeed. Using inspiration from different cultures and geographical locations, Michael makes a full and unique meal with unusual ingredients for his significant other, Mark, each and every morning. 




@Life: Yes, this classic publication has an Instagram account! Follow for historic news, vintage photos, and past stories you either forgot or never knew about. With timeless, black and white images, pulled straight from the LIFE archive, this account will give you  the blast from the past you were craving. 




@girlwithnojob: If you are not already following this account, do yourself a favor and sign on now to hit that green button. Claudia Oshry sums up what we are all feeling but would never say out loud. With relatable and hilarious quotes, memes, and images scattered throughout her page, you are sure to crack up on a daily basis.




@keever: I discovered this artist a few summers ago when he left a decorated block of wood at a campground I was staying. The back of the drawn block had his Instagram account information printed on it. I have been following Dean Mckeever ever since and am so impressed with his graphic drawings. The color and lines in his work create a stylistic, straightforward dimension that draws in the viewer. 




@shoesofnyc: I think that it is safe to say that I am obsessed with shoes. In order to get my shoe fix on the reg, I follow shoesofnyc. Every shoe wearer has a story related to their footwear and every shoe displayed is beautiful. Follow this account to join shoe mania and feed your sole.  




@samlarson: I don’t quite remember how I found this account, but I am so very happy that I did. Sam Larson, a freelance artist from Portland, OR, creates the most detailed and beautiful pen and ink drawings. Many of his illustrations revolve around nature: mountains, animals, plants etc. I am impressed time and time again by the intricacy in his tiny masterpieces. 




@gypsea_lust: Just like the name implies, this world traveler will have you lusting after oceans around the world. I don’t know how she does it, but Lauren Bullen always seems to end up in the most magical of places doing the most magical of things. This account will have your heart flipping and your head aching with wanderlust fever. 




@thegaybeards: This account is pure brilliance. Created by two well-groomed men with two well-groomed beards and the will to get dirty, these two best friends have created a clever and fun way to connect with others. Placing different objects in their facial hair to represent holidays, cultural events, or their personality, this account will have you saying “huh?” an then “hahaha.”




@drakeoncake: Straightforward in its name, this baker takes quotes from Drake songs and uses them to decorate her cakes. The concept is funny, well executed, and as sweet as can be. Drake would be proud.




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