OOTD: That 70s Show

Bright stripes. Corduroy. Bell bottoms. Heavy denim. The 70s. 



Ahhhh what a time to be alive. Well considering the fact that I wasn’t [alive] I have to use my imagination for what this magical era must have been like. I picture disco balls, glitter vests, feathery hair with middle parts, polyester jumpsuits and giltter raining down from the heavens. Hippie vans fill the streets, psychedelic symbols fill ours eyes and groovy people are dancing everywhere. A woman named Willow and a man named Boogie Joe grab my hand and whisk me away to a roller rink and off we soar to the sounds of Earth, Wind and Fire. What a decade.

Now before I get too carried away (or perhaps I already have) I must mention that 70s fashion has been revived as the new year of 2017 rapidly approaches. Velvet dresses, striped blouses, and denim skirts have been making a comeback for the winter months. In an effort to not revert my style totally back in time, I have chosen a few pieces I deem to be classics. A brightly striped shirt, classic button-up denim skirt, and camel lace-up booties are all items I will be wearing time and time again. Now put your Earth, Wind and Fire December tape on repeat, sit back while watching Happy Days, plug in your lava lamp, take off those platform shoes and relax




Skirt//Nordstrom Rack// $10.00

Boots//Platos Closet//$25.00




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