DIY: Spice Up Your Sweatshirt

What do Matisse and Walmart have in common?

…Well, nothing really. That is, until the creation of this sweatshirt! I recently bought this plain white sweatshirt at Walmart for $6.00. I originally made the purchase for my Halloween costume but decided that it kept me so warm the whole night that it really deserved a second chance sans holiday wear. So, over to Walmart I journeyed once more and purchased a set of four fabric markers for $4.00. My main goal was to spruce up the plain white garment into a graphic closet staple that I could throw on during those bitter-cold, I will cry if I am made to wear jeans and not leggings kind of days.

I found an image by the great artist, Henri Matisse and used this sketch as an inspiration for my design. Contrary to my hesitation, the fabric markers proved to work really well and had two different tips to choose from. This is one of the most simple and cheapest DIY’s you will find, so I suggest giving it a try! Other variations include the use of puffy paint or fabric paint. I am happy with how this look turned out, and I almost made it the whole day without staining the white fabric until I came home and dripped chocolate ice cream all over the front. But, hey, that’s what bleach is for!

Visual Directions and Inspiration Below:





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