OOTD: An Overall Success

Overalls are the unsung heroes of 2016/2017. You heard it here first.



It is true that you might associate overalls with being five years old, playing the scarecrow in your middle school play, or growing up to be a painter. However, believe me when I tell you that this clothing item has been misrepresented, overlooked, and underutilized in the past. Overalls can do so much more than the molds we have fit them in. This fashion staple is becoming one of the latest trends and for many good reasons. 

There are pant overalls, short overalls, overall dresses/skirts and I am a proud owner of all three. They are a simple item, easy to throw on in the morning with a plain, colored top underneath. Seen as unique and edgy, these jumpers will make people take a second look. Buy them in black, light wash denim, dark wash denim, a fun pattern, or white if you like taking risks, and I guarantee you will find yourself wearing them on a regular basis. 

Let’s face it, overalls are fun. Something about the buckle and button sequence give power to the ensemble and when you hear the final click snap into place, it’s party time. So, step out of your comfort zone and buy some overalls! You know you want to. I bought the ones shown here in the sale section at Nordstrom Rack for $10.00. Look around and soon you will be seeing overalls everywhere. 



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