OOTD: Black and Denim

Fall is Gone. Winter is Here.



…So then what do we do with our denim jackets?! The answer is…keep them wrapped around your shoulders. Or keep them slung over your desk chair or hanging at the front of your closet, ready to grab at a moments notice. Contrary to popular belief, jean jackets can be worn in the winter. With a little layering and the addition of scarves, tights and warm sweaters, the days of wearing that perfectly broken in denim staple are far from gone. 

I own three denim jackets. Some may say I am obsessed and although they might be right, there is always a sadness that comes with having to hang them up for the season. Which is why I have come to the conclusion that I don’t need to. Why push away the black and denim combo that has held me through the Fall, acting as the perfect survival outfit on those crisp mornings when I had nothing to wear? Seasonal clothing is an idea of the past. Make the most out of your favorite clothes by refusing to say goodbye just because Jack Frost decided to say hello.



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