Bag of Tricks

A black hole that leads to nowhere…



No, I am not talking about the plot of Alice and Wonderland. I am talking about your makeup bag. It came to my attention the other day that I had not cleaned, organized, or replenished my makeup bag since before Adidas came back in style. With this shocking realization at the forefront of my mind, I decided that it was time to revive my old bag of tricks and enter the new year with not just a fresh face, but a fresh tote as well.

I took inventory of the makeup I had, threw away the foundation caked bottles I never use anymore, and wrote a list of the items I use everyday and therefore need more of. I went out and bought a new bag from Ocean State Job Lot for $2.00. I even wiped off all of my products before placing them in the new clutch, because they had become quite dirty by floating around in a case of powder, residue and dust. Yes, I agree that this sounds unappealing, therefore it is very important to clean your makeup products and brushes.

I am sure that most of us avoid cleaning our makeup brushes like I avoided taking a math class in college (which was never), however harboring dirty brushes can lead to unwanted acne. All it really takes is soap, water, and ten minutes of your time. Just swirl the brush in your hand with a little bit of soap and like magic you will see a flow of skin colored water wash down the drain. When all of that color is gone, rinse the brush one more time, fan the bristles into place, and lay it on a towel to dry overnight.

Every good painter knows that a clean studio and clean brushes lead to spending less money and gaining more time to work on a masterpiece. In this case, a clean makeup bag can lead to a faster morning routine, giving you enough time to finally show up five minutes early to that 9am class. As the new year approaches, do yourself a favor and make up with the makeup bag you have been battling with for the past few months.




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