String Them Along

Cleaning my room is always an arduous task.



A battle ensues between my  head and my heart every time I find an old photograph or piece of paper imprinted with a memory. Don’t throw out that postcard! Cries my heart in a high pitched voice. It is just a tiny piece of paper that will end up on the floor if it is not thrown out. Says my head in a deep, Morgan Freeman-like voice. Most of the time these “special” bits of paper end up in a pile of dust under my bed. However, I found that every time I rediscovered them a smile would spread across my face as if I had just found a gem buried deep within a cave. In these moments I was able to relive the memory and relish once more in a time gone by.

I knew that this must have counted for something and so I set out to find a way where I could obey both my head and my heart. Simply enough, I attached a long string to two nails in my wall, bought some clothing pins and my problem was solved! Every time I acquire a photo, card, or piece of paper I deem special enough to be on display, I just hang it on this piece of string. It may sound like a dull concept, but the string has turned out to be quite beautiful and very unique. It is super easy, practical, and definitely adds a personal touch to the room. I suggest decluttering your bedroom floor, head, and heart by creating a string garland of your own!




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