OOTD: Blanket of Snow

Is it a scarf or a blanket?


Well actually, it’s both. Ahhhh the coveted blanket scarf, sent down from the heavens this winter season to keep us all cozy and warm. The blanket scarf keeps the wind off of your face and neck, tucks nicely into the collar of your coat, and can also be used as a fast acting sleeping bag—giving you nighttime coverage anytime, anywhere (trust me, I’ve tried it). Feeling sleepy on a long train ride or flight? This scarf can save you from having to bring a pillow, sit under a nasty overhead draft, or participate in conversations with strangers that have no concept of personal space.

When I was traveling through Europe last year I brought my blanket scarf everywhere. It has accompanied me throughout rain in England, a storm in Italy, snow in Amsterdam and heavy winds in Scotland. Bundled up with my scarf, I knew that I could enjoy where I was without lamenting about the weather.

The blanket scarf shown in the pictures below was bought in London, England at Camden Market. I made sure to purchase a scarf that was a neutral color and matched the majority of my jackets. It is a heavy material and can be folded in multiple ways. Looking for a similar blanket scarf of your own but don’t have time to hop across the pond? Click the links below for some great examples!







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