Ad(dress)ing the New Year

Lights, sparkles and glitter galore…



New Years Eve 2017 is on the horizon and after a holiday season spent running around shopping centers, attempting to tie perfect bows, gorging on leftovers, and fake laughing at your uncle’s jokes, it is about time to let loose. Thankfully, New Years Eve was put in place in order to mitigate this holiday stress, tension build up, and head spinning. Sipping on fancy drinks, making resolutions, dancing with your eyes closed, trudging through piles of glitter and laughing with friends help us to relax and enter a new chapter of life in the most festive way we know how: Partying.

With a night so grand and expectations set high there are many details to be figured out ahead of time. Transportation, place, people, food etc. are all aspects to this holiday event that must be configured in the most seamless manner. This is to ensure that we are stepping into this new year with our right foot forward. Of all these details, the outfit is by far the most important. Pictures will be taken, dresses will be talked about, and new acquaintances will be made. Of course your outfit has to make you feel comfortable and looking fabulous. I have put together some of my favorite New Years looks to help inspire your holiday outfit. I suggest adding glitter, lace, velvet or a pop of color to the look to make sure that your ensemble stands out and reflects the special occasion.

Although I will be staying at home, making ravioli and watching movies on New Years Eve, I still make sure to dress up and wear clothes that I would not normally wear. This night is special, so let’s treat it as such!




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