OOTD: Keeping Warm & Looking cool

Learn the art of layering



My mother used to always tell me before I left the house in the winter to “bundle up”. She would wrap a wool scarf around my neck, zip my coat up to my nose, and force mittens onto my hands. Not only was I successfully “bundled up”, I was also successfully burning up, feeling as you could fry an egg off of my forearm. This method of bracing the cold was ineffective and left me with a very uncomfortable walk to the bus stop. However, if I had it my way wearing only a sweatshirt, my walk to the bus stop would be just as uncomfortable. With the wind whipping at my neck and and my fingers turning purple, I would pray for the bus to come early. 

There must be a happy medium.

It wasn’t until I moved out of the house, living on my own at college in the frigid tundra of upstate New York, that I learned there is in fact a happy medium to dressing comfortably in the winter. This is when I learned the art of layering. Tank top, T-shirt, sweater, jacket. Sock one, sock two, boot. Leggings, pants. T-shirt, pullover, sweatshirt, winter coat. You’ve gotta layer on those clothes like your first name is Onion. What else are you supposed to do when your walk to class is in a 3 degree snowstorm but your teacher cranked the heat in the classroom to 80 degrees mimicking the tropics? It does not take a Math major in college to figure it out: layering is essential. In the picture below I am wearing an outfit that does not necessarily look warm, but I am actually wearing four layers on top and two pairs of socks, keeping in all of the heat in my body. I added the sunglasses, because snow can be really bright, hurting your eyes and also they are just fabulous. 



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