Common Scents

Close your eyes and breath it in…



Just the word perfume makes me think of a beautiful day in Paris where I am strolling along the river with the smell of fresh flowers in the air. If not this, then I am in the middle of a meadow on a warm, windy day and there is an attractive man on a horse galloping towards me. Of course clever advertising and extensive marketing research has trained my brain into thinking that the purchase of perfume will actually get me close to these visions. However, a signature fragrance can have a powerful effect on your state of mind and morning routine.

A signature scent is one that describes who you are. This is a perfume that you will never get sick of. This is perfume that will linger in your wake, leaving an imprint on people’s minds. This is the perfume that will give you confidence when you need it the most. Whenever I need a lift, I just smell my wrist and am transported to strolling through a beautiful day in Paris or frolicking in a windy field. Although these scenes may be far away, just a simple fragrance can make them feel so much closer.

It is imperative that you choose your signature scent based on something that you like. Wear perfume for you, not to attract or please others. You want to smell attractive to yourself, because guess what? Your sticking with yourself all day long. Over the years I have had many signature scents. The perfume I wear is always evolving, depending on my age and where I am in life at that time. A dab behind the ears, a spray on the collarbone, or a roll on the wrist; All of my favorite perfumes have taken different forms and have been there with me through different life experiences. A smell can bring you back to a memory and I find that wearing the same, special fragrance everyday helps me to remember the good times, when I need to remember them the most. 



My past signature scents (as seen in the photo):


Ralph Lauren//Wild

Lollia Breathe no. 19

Stress Relief roll-on from Bath and Body Works

Ted Baker body spray



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