OOTD: (Back)pack Man

She carries the world on her back.



Well, that seems pretty darn heavy. This quote is a bit beyond me, because I could never hold up the whole world. As a matter of fact, I can barely hold up the bench press bar at the gym. I don’t carry the world on my back, however I do carry my world on my back in the form of a backpack. I was never the type of girl to have a purse slung over her shoulder, ready to reach in and grab the right lipstick shade at a moment’s notice. Purses are cumbersome and tend to hurt my shoulders. This is why I always carry my trusty backpack. Hands free shopping, multiple pockets, and not one but TWO adjustable straps…honestly, what more could you want? Backpacks are not just for elementary school children or hikers. Backpacks were made specifically with you in mind.

I chose to buy a medium sized, tan colored, faux leather back pack. It is large enough to hold the essentials, light enough to feel comfortable at all times, and neutral enough to match any outfit I desire to wear. In my opinion, the word backpack is synonymous with the word adventure. Strap that trusty tote on my back and who knows what my day will entail? With my world on my back I could go anywhere and anything could happen.




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