Center of the Ring

I never realized that earrings could be trendy. 


I thought that surely something so tiny that hides behind your hair all day is not worth the pain of missing the piercing hole and mistakenly stabbing your skin. Well, I was wrong. WRONG, WRONG, very WRONG. I have recently come to the conclusion that earrings are like hidden gems that should be chosen and worn with care and pride. Earrings add a special glimmer to the face. They are like winking moon crescents from a different galaxy, luring people to take a closer look.

Hoops have become my earring of choice in the past few weeks. Hoops act as an ode to my edgier self: the tough girl inside of me who is not afraid to stand up for herself or her friends. When I wear them I feel like a shield of armor has covered my body from head-to-toe and I can battle any enemy who dare crosses my path. These earrings remind people that you have ears and are listening. They make a statement, emphasizing the geography of your face: the shape of your nose, the arc of your eyebrow, and the curve of your lashes. By wearing hoop earrings you are demanding attention and asking to be heard. 

Yes, a hoop earring is just a simple circle, but it is important to remember what a simple circle symbolizes: the circle of life, karma, time, history, eternity, faith and, most importantly, the never ending evolution of fashion.

Interested in buying a pair of hoops? Click the links below for some great examples:

Urban Outfitters

Topshop via Nordstrom




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