OOTD: Back to Black


Let’s talk about black.



The color black is similar to your old stuffed animal; it is there when you need it, always works to make you feel better, and has seen you on your worst and best days. It is often said that black is a slimming color and therefore women tend to gravitate towards it. However, wearing the color black can often times transform the beautiful and charismatic person you are into a hollow, dark silhouette. Your unique features can be swallowed by a deep pool of shadows leaving the inability to stand out. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing the color black, but I have learned that the trick to harnessing this color’s positive power is in the way you wear it. 

When wearing black it is imperative to make sure that you are embodying your clothing’s purpose. For instance, if you want to wear a sleek, tight black dress then make sure to slick back your hair, adorn simple jewelry and boast glittering skin. If you want to wear a black, embellished leather jacket, black denim pants, and black leather boots (as seen below) then tousle your hair, wear bright, red lipstick, throw on some large hoop earrings and wear a lighter shirt. If you are wearing black joggers, black sneakers, and a black t-shirt, then throw on a colorful baseball cap and add a fun backpack. You get the point. Wearing all black can be so much more than “wearing all black.” Wearing all black has the ability to make you shine OR the ability to swallow you whole. Make sure that the next time you don your all black ensemble, you take a look in the mirror and check to see what you notice first: your smile or your t-shirt? The smile should always win. It is important to keep your sense of style and the essence of who you are when choosing your outfit and wearing all black is no exception. 



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