OOTD: The Thrift Complex

Everything that you see here is from a thrift store.



Okay, everything except for the stockings. To be completely honest, 90% of my wardrobe was bought from a thrift store. I won’t bore you with all of the reasons why you should thrift shop (it is cheap, good for the environment, fun, etc.), because if I did then this short blog post would turn into a novel or to be completely blunt, a self-help book. However, I will say that my passion for thrifting started a long time ago, even before I had the freedom of a car and a license to go shopping on my own. This obsession started even before I was born. As ludicrous as this statement may sound, it is true: thrifting is my destiny. My thrift shopping addiction seemed to have been predetermined by a higher power. I was destined to have a sister, female cousin, and female neighbor who gave me all of their hand-me-downs. I was destined to go to camp and trade clothes with all of the girls in my bunk. As a young girl my sister and I would be sent trash bags upon trash bags filled will all kinds of clothing treasures: sequined tanks, rainbow overalls, or purple, patent ballet flats. With each one of these clothing items I would prance around my room, dream up unique ensembles to wear, and pretend to be Lizzie McGuire.

As I rummaged through these bags, taking out one item at a time and holding it up in the air to show it’s true glory, my head spun with excitement and my heart felt full. The days I received these hand-me-down gifts were like holidays to me. My sister and I would have fashion shows in our upstairs hallway, striking poses and modeling to the sounds of the Backstreets Boys and Brittany Spears. In this way, I suppose you could say that that I didn’t choose the thrift life, the thrift life chose me. There is just something about a denim jacket that is already broken in, a leather boot that already has the perfect amount of scuff or a soft band T-shirt that has been pre-shrunk. For me, thrifting is a reminder of the past  and an exercise in not forgetting where I came from.





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