DIY: Inspiration Board

What inspires you?

Keep what inspires you close at all times. Never let your inspiration crawl more than an arms-length away from your body. Make sure to keep it in your grasp and hold onto it tightly. Inspiration should be at the tips of your fingers, the forefront of your mind, and in the corner of your eye. Inspiration should be flowing out from all corners of your life, like a broken spout or roaring waterfall. People often complain that they feel uninspired and have a lack of motivation. It is okay to have days like this, but it is not okay to stay in this offbeat tune for months at a time. This problem often occurs, because we forget to change our views and tend to stray away from new experiences. The diagnosis is “writers block” and the remedy is to try new things. Venture out, talk to someone new, read the news, read other blogs, just read in general and I can assure you that it will be very difficult to feel uninspired. Inspiration does not often strike us in the head as we are going to sleep at night, like some may think. It would be nice to wake up in the morning with a life changing idea, but in order to create these ideas we must do exactly that. We must create.

In order to keep myself inspired, I have created an inspiration board in my bedroom above my bed. With pictures and quotes that I love, magazine clippings, and newspaper articles, this board acts as a simple reminder that color, beauty and life surround me at all times. All I have to do is reach out, grab what I find and mold it into something that I can call my own. 

Create your own inspiration board: All you need is tape, scissors, and inspiration of course!


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