Bohemian (Wrap)sody

Over the river and through the woods…



What is boho? Not only does this word make me laugh as it rolls clumsily out of my mouth, it also makes me confused. I know that boho is short for bohemian, but what does that really mean? The phrase is often thrown around as a way of describing 70s hippies, the style of Free People, or the plot of the broadway show Rent. Many people today would describe their style as boho, simply because they own a floral maxi skirt, wear hemp bracelets, or attended a music festival once. If you feel like your style is boho, then by all means your style is boho. However, lately I have been trying to sort out the term in my head to better understand those who feel they encompass the lifestyle. The word bohemian sounds exotic and exciting. It brings to mind a video montage I once saw at an art exhibition where a group of hippies gathered to dance in a circle in the middle of the desert. 

I suppose that right there, in the middle of that dancing desert circle, is the essence of boho. Free. Wild. Happy. Natural. The bohemian lifestyle is that of a wanderer, not a person who is lost but a person who seeks meaning by moving around. These individuals are usually artists, writers, poets, or deep thinkers. They feel the need to be one with nature and their body, away from the distractions of materialism and social structure. The bohemian style we know today boasts florals, natural patterns and fabrics, loose garments, and neutral colors. I would not consider myself a bohemian. Nor would I consider my style boho. However, looking deeper into the origin of the word I am tempted to take the style and make it my own. We could all benefit by adding a little more “boho” to our lives. To be free, wild, natural, and happy is an ideal we should strive for in our everyday monotony. 

Below is my take on the style of boho. I have also asked my friends to dress in their take on the boho style as well. With the help of my Victoria Emerson jewelry, these looks display our individuality. I hand picked the Victoria Emerson jewelry seen in the photos in order to add some glimmer to my normal neutral style. The wrap bracelet, cuff bracelet, and sapphire earrings are unique pieces that I am excited to show off and wear every season. Use my referral code for 30% off of your entire Victoria Emerson purchase. They have free shipping, too! Just in time for Valentines day.


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