Flat Lay

Let’s talk about flats.



Flats are the underdogs of the shoe world. They have always been there: through every decade, through every stage of your life, and throughout every shoe section of a department store. We all keep these simple slip-ons tucked safely into the back of our closet only to see sunlight when we have a job interview or religious ceremony to attend. Flats are like your middle school best friend who you could count on to stand up to a bully, take the fault when you got in trouble, or cover for you when you snuck out with your first boyfriend. Your trusty sidekick was always there but was never appreciated enough, just like those flats gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe. However, don’t count this supportive duo out just yet…

In my opinion, these sturdy, there-when-ya-need-em pair of shoes should be given more attention. Today is their day. Recently, I have started to notice that flats are stealing the fashion spotlight with new and improved fabrics, patterns, and embellishments. Whether it is because of their comfortable nature, versatile design, or all around classic shape, flats deserve their day in the sun. Therefore, I challenge you to dust off your pair of flats, sport a chic ensemble, and take your old, supportive flats out for a night on the town; just in time for spring.


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