Lip Service

Pucker up.



In the wintertime it is very easy for your lips to get dry and turn into two sad raisins resting on your face. Your pillowy, luscious, summer lips have now turned into a flakey, painful mess. In an effort to protect and save your mouth from this horrible fate, I have put together a lip care guide to ensure that your precious pucker stays kissable all year round.


  1. Prepare: Grab a washcloth or toothbrush, add warm water, and gently run it over your lips for a solid 5-10 min. This should remove any dry flakes or excess skin. 
  2. Before bed: Before going to sleep slather on a thick coat of Vaseline. This should heal the raw patches from the scrubbing. 
  3. Everyday: Choose one or two trusty chapsticks or balm to keep handy at all times. Apply these multiple times throughout the day, especially before going outside. My favorites are pictured below.
  4. Special Events: Choose lipsticks and glosses that will not over-dry your lips. It also helps to apply a coat of balm or Vaseline to your lips before wearing lipstick to lock in the moisture. I prefer to wear tinted chapsticks in the wintertime. Make sure to wipe the excess with a Q-tip or tissue. My favorite lip colors are pictured below.  
  5. The perfect smile: For the all-around perfect smile I use Crest 3D whitestripes to keep my teeth white and shiny.


What are your wintertime lip secrets? Post in the comments below!



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