Tame the Mane

I was born with frizzy hair.




With my ancestry rooted in Eastern Europe, it seems as though I was destined to have wavy, brown hair with the inability to be tamed. Much like a wild animal, my locks have a mind of their own and can not be held responsible for any reckless behavior. Similar to a lions mane, no amount of conditioning or straightening would make my hair fall the way I so desperately desired it to. The glossy, magazine-worthy straight hair I lusted after was unattainable for someone such as myself, who came out of the womb already looking like she need to “trim her ends”. Over the years, I have had many hair qualms. In the fashion of the movie Mean Girls, my hair “must have ESPN or something,” because it certainly can tell when the weather is changing, and is not afraid to change with it. The back of my hair never matches the front and I can almost always account for cowlicks when I wake up in the morning.

Throughout the years of wrestling with my fro, from frying it with a straightening iron in middle school (and somehow always missing the back) to trying out drastic haircuts once a year, I can finally say that I have come to terms with my hair and its natural texture. I recently decided that it was important to invest a bit in my hair. I decided to dye part of it ombre and keep it at a short length. I have created a routine for maintaining my hair which helps to eliminate the unpredictable condition of my hair when I wake up in the morning. Trust me, no one wants to wake up on a presentation day looking like Albert Einstein. When it comes to hair, people always seem to want what they don’t have: the desire for straight hair when they have beautiful ringlets and vise versa. But I have learned that it is best to start making do’ with what you do have! (pun intended)

Detailed below are some tips and tricks to how I take care of my hair along with the products I like the best. Nothing fancy here, just simple techniques.




Batiste Dry Shampoo: I use this on the daily. It helps on those days when I don’t have time to wash my hair. Batiste is the best brand of dry shampoo that I have tried and it smells really good! I swear by this product.

Styling Comb: This comb helps me to create the perfect part. Also, using a comb decreases the breakage of hair in comparison to a brush, leaving you with less split ends.

Hair Elastics: Scunci hair elastics have been my day ones since the beginning. They hold enough hair while not pulling too hard.

*If I shower at night, I will always put two braids in my hair so that when I wake up in the morning my hair is wavy and smooth*



Hair Spray: Honestly, I find that most hair sprays do the trick. When I curl my hair I like to use a little bit in order to make sure the curls stay put for at least a majority of the night.

Curling Wand: This curling wand is from Target and works wonders in a pinch. It heats up very fast and gets the job done. Just take small sections of hair, wrap around the barrel angled downward and you will have controlled waves for the rest of the day.



Mousse: My hair is naturally wavy, but sometimes it needs a little help in order to keep my curls in check. This Hebal Essences Mousse helps my hair to hold its curl without leaving the strands crunchy or looking wet. I only use this on occasion after I shower, but it has been one of my go-to products for the past five years.

Moroccan Oil: I use this oil every time I step foot out of the shower. I can rely on this product to add a shine to my hair it otherwise would not have. Only a dime sized amount is necessary.

Hair Mask: After a long week, I like to add a mask to my hair to replenish and repair my strands from any damage that has occurred throughout the week. My hair is always softer, with a more vibrant texture after using this mask.

Conditioning Cream: This product is especially great to use in the summertime, when my hairs frizz capacity is at an all-time high. Just comb a small amount into damp hair and you are good to go! 






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