OOTD: Frost Bitten

What do you do when the weather does not seem to be “warming up”?



Buy more coats, boots and sweaters of course! (and that is exactly what I have done). With no end to the snow or temperatures below 32 degrees in sight, it seems quite reasonable to go out shopping and stock up on some warm essentials (that is if you can push past the snow and ice outside of your front door). If you have been reading my previous blog posts than it probably does not come as much of a surprise to you that my comfiest sweaters, most durable boots, and warmest coats have come from thrift stores near by. In fact, the whole outfit shown below is thrifted, sporting brands such as Forever 21, Topshop, and Gap.

I always tend to become bored with throwing on the same old winter coat, waiting for the day I can finally expose my arms to the outside world. With the ever-present mindset that fashion and boredom do not mix, I decided that the best solution to this problem was to buy as many coats as I could. Therefore, I currently have 14 of them hanging in my closet to prove it. No, I did not break the bank by purchasing this much outerwear, I simply scoured the racks of second-hand stores to find different types of coats in varying colors to satisfy my need for outfit diversity. Each jacket has its own unique flare and instead of covering up my ensemble, they enhance it. This method of shopping may not be for everyone, especially those who do not have the luxury of closet space, but I find that the winter months pass by a lot quicker with multiple coats at hand.


For some thrifting tips and tricks check out this article



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