Work It Out

I didn’t go to the gym today.



However, contrary to popular belief, I do go sometimes and when I do an issue always arises. Now, before I get into the main problem I am talking about I must explain to you that when I go to the gym lots of issues arise: I hate working out, I hate getting sweaty, I think running is boring, I always forget my headphones, my acid reflux never cooperates etc. The list goes on and on, but these are not in the same category as the one tiff I wish to discuss with you today.

My main issue is that when I go to the gym I always have class, a meeting, or work sandwiched between the one hour I have free to go to the gym. Now for most people this might not be a problem, however for someone like me who would rather skip all of her classes and take a D for the semester than wear sweatpants in public, my morning situation becomes somewhat of a war of the worlds between gym sweats and nice dresses. This constant agony of knowing that I might have to show up to my morning am lecture wearing an oversized t-shirt, fake bra, and ratty leggings makes my stomach turn even more than eating mac and cheese with (forgotten) expired milk. I mean, yes I did just roll out of bed but I don’t have to look like it, do I?

In recent weeks I am proud to say that I have solved my (yes, somewhat materialistic and over-dramatized) issue and created a truce between these two enemies, thus stopping what might have been world war III taking place in my closet (your welcome). The solution is that of a simple, current trend we all know and love: athleisure. This recent fad, represented effortlessly by fashion bloggers and celebrities alike, gives a new name and meaning to wearing workout clothes. Gym outfits have transformed into day wear with a sleek, designer edge. Why wear jeans when you can just throw on a cool pair of adidas joggers and cropped hoodie? And those New Balance sneakers your mom used to wear to Pilates? They have morphed themselves into a pair of colorful kicks seen all over the streets. The key to this look is to find interesting pieces with details and colors you wouldn’t normally see at the local gym. Check out the pictures below for some inspiration and to get a glimpse of what I wear to the gym (and to class, work etc.)



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