OOTD: Recess

Do you remember recess?



Capture the Flag, Hot Lava Tag, Swinging, Hop Scotch, Four Square. When the 12:00 bell rings, every child knows what time it is. Heart beats fast, messy hair, sparkling eyes: Recess means freedom. Recess was a time when we could run wild and let our bodies dance out extra energy and let our spirits soar. On the playground in the Spring sunshine everything would seem right with the world. I didn’t care about what other people were doing or what they thought about what I was doing. All I knew was that my legs could run, my arms could reach up to the sky, and my mouth could sing. Dressed in the stretchiest pants and softest t-shirt I owned, my mother made sure that I was wearing an outfit that matched my eager soul, knowing very well that the days events might lead to dirt stains and new holes. 

Nowadays most of my outfits and shoes tend to forgo comfort. I no longer run around freely, throwing caution to the wind. However, with the sun making its debut, my soul has caught a glimpse of the excitement I used to feel as that 12:00 school bell rang. I got to thinking “why don’t we dress for recess?” The words springtime and playtime feel synonymous to me and let’s face it: when the sunshine and warm temperatures begin to make their seasonal home, we all start to get a bit antsy. So, I propose this: Let’s start dressing for recess, a time when our hearts were free and our bodies could move. Who knows? Maybe dressing this way will remind us to step outside and become more active. My best recess outfit is pictured below. 



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