Puff the Magic Cure

Awww, man. Not again!


The other morning I woke up with pillows under my eyes, unable to see the morning sun. The night before I had used a new skin cream and as my alarm clock approached 8am, it became clear that I was indeed allergic to the product. No, I will not post a picture of my face on that dreadful morning, however I will tell you that I missed quite a few classes that day, had very blurry vision for the next two hours, and screamed every time I walked past a mirror. Yes, this was an extreme case of puffy eyes. However, waking up to puffy eyes and dark circles in the morning is unfortunately a scene I am very familiar with. Whether it is from staying up late, crying, not drinking enough water (or drinking too much of another, ah, beverage), forgetting to take off makeup, eating too many salty potato chips etc., my eyes always object to my bad habits by extruding the skin under my eyes. It is as if they are punishing me for not learning my lesson. 

Over the past few months I have learned to fight back against my puffy eyes, because (let’s face it) we are not perfect and will inevitably have those nights of crying, forgetting to use a face wipe, drinking too much or too little and so on. Below are my tips for those mornings when you wake up and are scared by your own reflection staring back. 


  1. Guzzle water.
  2. Keep a frozen eye mask or metal spoon in the freezer. Place over your eyes for 10 minutes to minimize the swelling.
  3. Place wet, chilled, caffeinated black or green tea bags under your eyes to wake up and rejuvenate the skin.
  4. Try the old trick of placing cucumbers over your eyes. It actually works!
  5. Massage your face with lotion to cool down the skin.
  6. I have invested in an eye roller by elf and use it every morning to jumpstart the circulation under my eyes.
  7. Concealer can go a long way. I have a special roll-on concealer from Garnier called Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller that targets directly under my eyes.



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