OOTD: Spring Awakening

Today is earth day. 



I am not going to talk about the beauty of nature or preach to you about why it is important to recycle. To be honest, I don’t frequent “the great outdoors” as much as I should and I just recently discovered that styrofaom cannot be recycled. However, I do my part in reducing waste with my shopping habits. If you frequently read my blog then you will know that 90% of my wardrobe has been thrifted, including shoes and accessories. My main goal in thrift shopping is not necessarily to “save the planet”, but on this special day, dedicated to the planet I love so much, I would like to reflect on why shopping secondhand relates to making an impact on mother earth. 

Do you ever wonder where all of the clothes created in the past 200 years have ended up? I always think about this and have come to the conclusion, that much like coins, all clothing articles have been “owned” numerous times, only to end up at the back of someones dusty closet. This idea of “owning” something really is a funny one, because our possessions filter in and out of different spaces and through multiple hands over just a few lifetimes. Every time I buy an article of clothing, especially a vintage one, I love to imagine the numerous lifetimes it has gone through. Was this dress worn to a 1950s sock hop? Maybe, they broke up in this t-shirt. I bet he had his first kiss in that jacket. In this way, clothing represents time. Each piece is like a time capsule holding stories and scenes of generations. 

As we go through the cycle of keep and let go and keep and let go it is important to realize that nothing is truly ours. Everything belongs in this circle of time and the important thing to understand is that we should treat our temporary items with love and care so that the next generation can enjoy their value and beauty just as much as we did. Like rings in a tree or layers of dirt, we must preserve our clothes so that a small remnant of our stories can live on in the years to come. Similar to that of the earth, we must do our best in taking care of the things that give us so much joy and keep them pristine for the next generations. 


Thrifted items in the picture below: shirt, shoes, and necklace



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