Orange You Glad?

The Power of Color.



It is true that everyone sees color differently. Light, memory, and eye sight all play a factor in the color we see every day and how our mind interprets that color. There have been many times when I have argued with a friend about whether or not my pants were black or navy or if her shirt was purple or pink. In the end, in my opinion, all that really matters is that we can see color, and that is a beautiful miracle that should not be taken for granted. However, with all these bright, vibrant colors dancing through our days, why do we commonly revert to wearing black or let a grey cloud ruin our morning? We often forget to thank the flowers for their pale pinks and cherry red pigment. We often forget to relish in the bold, solid greens and yellows of our vegetables. 

Throughout all of my years in Art and Design classes, color theory is one of the first lessons we are taught. We learn what colors look best together, the importance of the color wheel, how to play with tones and hues etc. Without this basic knowledge and appreciation for how color works together to brighten our paintings, designs, and lives, we cannot truthfully call ourselves artists. 

I sure do a lot of talking and writing about color, especially for someone who wears a lot of black and grey. It is not about what colors you wear everyday, but about the attention and appreciation you have for color in general. I am not asking you to don your most colorful ensemble. I am asking you to take notice of color: how different colors work together, what colors evoke feeling, and truly come to the realization that color is a gift. For this blog post I have chosen to highlight the color orange: a color far too often cast aside simply for it’s bright nature. I am challenging myself to add more orange to my life, a color that makes me feel cheerful and excited. Below are some examples of how to incorporate orange into your life.



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