OOTD: Texture Mixture

All the Feels…



Just close your eyes and fall asleep into the silky pile of sheets laying on your cool mattress. Breath in the cold air as you wrap yourself in the warm, plush layers of your furry, winter coat. Smile as you step out of the shower and into your soft, cotton night shirt falling gently onto smooth skin. Fabric, texture, feeling. When we think of clothing we don’t usually consider the effects of the fabric itself and it’s importance in making us feel comfortable on a day to day basis. But it is about time that we did. 

Velvet, lace, suede, denim, cotton, linen, terrycloth, silk, leather etc. All of these fabrics hold weight and history, creating the structure and movement of our clothes. Mix and match these essential textures in order to enhance your outfit and play with the versatile nature of your wardrobe. Lately, I have been picking out clothing based on the way the fabric feels in my hand and looks swinging on the rack. Already, you can tell a lot about a garment by just feeling the woven pattern, tight stitching, and thought-out shape hanging in front of you. Every clothing item has life. To understand the garmet’s story you must read the seams, skim the threads, and re-tell the tale of the cloth by wearing it in your own way. 

Clothing is not just meant to be worn, it is meant to be felt. The cotton t-shirt you cried into after your last day of camp, the pleather jacket you wore going to your first bar, and the tulle dress you ripped at your first school dance; these clothing items were there to act as a foundation to beginnings, middles, and ends. They added a foundation and memento to these moments, intersecting their story with yours in order to make an entirely new story. Don’t forget how clothing makes you feel, physically and emotionally.

With that said, try to mix it up! Below I have mixed two different textures together (suede and cotton) as a transition outfit between Summer and Spring. Play around with your wardrobe and see what you can come up with!



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